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Client Configuration Parameters

This chapter lists the available configuration parameters. You can set them as described in Client Configuration. The corresponding menu is the Configuration Editor in the NavVis IVION settings.


Some frequently used parameters have aliases which are shorter and more convenient for use as URL parameters. They are mentioned in brackets, e.g. (or pc).

Main Settings Parameters

You can view a complete list of the main settings parameters here. These parameters can be set from the Configuration Settings, by passing them to an embedded NavVis IVION instance, by adding them to the NavVis IVION URL, e.g. http://hostname/iv/? and via the REST interface (api/configs).

URL-Only Parameters

These parameters can only be set by adding them to the NavVis IVION URL, e.g. http://hostname/iv/?poi=1&!. They can, for example, help you set up an alternative startup view.

Start at a geographic location (set all three of x, y, z)
xMetersX-coordinate of the geographic location. A panorama close to this point is chosen as the starting location for the main view.
yMetersY-Coordinate of the geographic location
zMeters Height of the geographic location
Start at a Point of Interest (POI)
poi Integer or CSV ID of a POI in the database or lon, lat, z of a custom location.
!- Optional. If present, the POI details panel does not open automatically.
Start at a site model entity
smeIntegerID of the site model entity in the database
!-Optional. If present, the site model entity details panel does not open automatically.
Start at an image
imageInteger ID of the image in the database. Note: The viewing direction can be optionally configured with the core.init.vlon and core.init.vlat parameters above.
lang StringOverrides the language settings of your browser for NavVis IVION. Possible values: en, de, pl, zh, zh_tw, ja, cs, tr, hu.
Route planning
route.startInteger or CSV POI ID or lon, lat, z of a route start point. Route is planned and shown for start and end points. The starting location is the first instruction in the planned route unless the URL includes one of the parameters image, poi, or lon, lat, and z.
route.end Integer or CSV POI ID or lon, lat, z of a route end point.