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Domains and Repositories

NavVis IVION uses the Repository Pattern for accessing and modeling domain data.

The RestRepository is the abstraction used by all domain-specific repositories. It provides the standard create, read, update, delete (CRUD) operations as well as query filtering.

Fetching Mechanism

When calling findOne()findAll(), and other read methods, the data is fetched over the network from the NavVis IVION server, then mapped and stored in working memory. Subsequent calls to these methods will only fetch the data from the working memory (no network calls), unless the forceFetch flag is set to true.

Query Filtering

The filter builds queries that help narrow, sort, and paginate the fetched data. Geographic filtering is also supported using coordinate and radius queries. Possible applications for this include geofencing, for example.

Domain-Specific Guides

The following domain-specific guides are available for the NavVis IVION Frontend API: